Saturday, October 11, 2008

Encaustic Worshop

Of all the subjects that I've taught (in this case really facilitated), the encaustic technique has to be my favorite. There is so much experimenting to be done, the results are so immediate and yet there is always a long way to go till the final image emerges. Today I had three partipants in the workshop and we did have a creative adventure. The three artists who participated all do wonderful paintings that I admire. Each has a distinct way of using encaustic which utlitizes the talent and experience they already possess. I was impressed.

We have so much to learn as artists and I think there is no doubt that continuing to learn new skills is the lifeblood of our work. The artist will never learn it all. Isn't that fantastic. Today I had a chance to experience the creativity of three very accomplished artists. My own work will improve as a result.

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