Friday, October 17, 2008

Curious Day

I worked today framing work for the upcoming opening. My frames arrived and they were perfect. It did take most of the day to accomplish the framing but it was worth it, especially the "fig leaf" painting. I used maple and the floater really made a difference in the presentation. With encaustic paintings I always ask myself if a frame is necessary.

Though very humid it was a comfortable day and I enjoyed watching the rain while I worked. It was quiet too except for the guys (and maybe gals) flying jets overhead getting ready for an air show that commences for the two days of the weekend. I will be interested to hear how that goes tomorrow.

I'm ready now to begin new paintings and am letting ideas freely float. They will be more trees I'm sure of that but not exactly sure how I will proceed, what sizes etc. I like floating on to the next work and hope to work out details while I sleep tonight. While I wait I'll play with images on the computer, draw, and read. Reading has a most beneficial effect on me. First it always causes lucid dreaming and for some unknown reason helps me clarify what I want to create. The reading can be novels ("Snow"), short stories (John Updike), Vegetarian Times (really!) having nothing to do with visual art. I don't know how the process works but I don't have to know.
My chairs are going to the gallery so I thought I'd post an image. Fun.

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