Friday, May 14, 2010


I am playing tonight. Bought a new computer for our home and wow is it fun to use. Of course there is a learning curve with a new operating system but it's a piece of cake compared to our first computer, a Comodore 64. I'm sure there are many people who don't even know what that is. The most fun must be the Webcam. I'm positively giddy using that feature. Really makes me laugh. Especially creating a avatar. Always wanted one. The graphics have to be the best feature of this computer and of course I've tried all the games available.

This computer will be a breeze to use when I'm working on my website or editing photos of my artwork. Can't wait.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Paintings This Week

This morning I'm taking stock of the past week which was creatively fun and successful. I finished the last of the paintings that were started earlier in the spring and found inspiration in unexpected places. I'm not a gardener at least not for many years but since moving into the apartment where I live now I have a renewed interest in everything growing. The grounds are simply beautiful with so many flowering shrubs, flowers, and trees, including fruit trees of every variety. I enjoy without actually working to maintain them. I almost feel guilty but not really. The grounds crew is far more knowledgeable and efficient than I would be now. The studio and painting really chew up everyday very nicely. The center courtyard this year was a sea of azaleas of many varieties. I've never been a big fan of azaleas but have been converted this year.

The painting pictured here was inspired by the beautiful spring. "Essence".