Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Treading Water

Might as well tread water. It is so warm it's scary. I just saw the Gore film about global warming. It's staying with me as I try to digest the message. All those melting icebergs are not a pretty sight to see.

Am treading water in the studio as well. For some reason this is always a down time for me creatively. So I spend time thinking, writing and gathering supplies...stretching and gessoing, gluing canvas to panels. In a sense this is a good time to reflect on my next work in the series of encaustics and decide what to do next in my figurative series. On the other hand I am chomping at the bit to start to work again when my studio becomes all mine again.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Painting Marathon

I have been painting almost non-stop now since the last post. This is an incredible time, new gallery representation, lots of new paintings and almost nothing in the studio paint free. Usually it's the encaustic that insidiously ends up everywhere including on my cell phone. How did it get there? I am reminded of the movie "Life Lessons" (one of New York Stories) with Nick Nolte covered in paint along with his tape player (tape, what's that?). My MP3 player is christened you can count on it. I once went ahead and just painted my shoes. Why not?

There is nothing better that big globs of oil paint just waiting to be added to the image emerging on the canvas in front of me. Installations, well I would be interested if I could construct one entirely of oil paint. I'm sure it can be done; but swishing the brushes and applying the paint with a healthy dose of physical energy. Well there is nothing like it.