Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring and Renewal

"River Birches" 40 x 30 inches
"Shifting Light"
It's spring here in southland and the blooming trees have bloomed and moved on. After my January exhibit it has taken some time to move on. That is not new for me though I didn't stop working. To paraphrase Chuck Close you don't wait for inspiration you just work everyday and I do. I'm interested in drawing right now and finding the time is beginning to be easier. A blank piece of paper is always a challenge but with a little encouragement from my inner child (she's fierce) I have embarked on a rest of the year programs to go back to what I loved from the first time I held a drawing tool...drawing. Not to say that I don't drawing all the time but I want to put more intensity into the process, really pay attention...experiment more, spent a long afternoon with nothing else on the agenda.

"After Midnight" 40 x 30 inches
"Light Walk"
"Grey" 48 x 36 inches
My painting has taken a most fascinating turn as I have begun to see a more blatant geometry emerge and a somewhat more vibrant palette. The hue of red is creeping in to more paintings. I need red right now, small doses but there is a definite hunger for it's richness. Strange to say I find it almost grounding. It's heaviness reassuring. For many years, I studied and received crits from Joseph Perrin, a master of geometry and color. So here I am once again going back to another first love with a renewed intensity, purpose, and seeing afresh just what magic color can bring. The vibrations are leading me on.