Monday, July 16, 2007


I am as relaxed as is possible with all the deadlines looming ahead. One day at a time, I've heard that said so many times...just hard to practice. The "Stretch" exhibit is next and my installation is finished (the image shown here). Then the show in Kingston, New York, "Encaustic '07". My "Calypso" painting will hang there and then move to Ball State University for the rest of the show till December. I am really excited about showing that work in such a prestigious venue. I hope to meet the other encaustic artists..what a blast.

Today I'm readying my presentation for the Atlanta Artists Center, explaining the wonderful world of encaustic painting. I'll do a workshop there in September and look forward to sharing all the fun with other artists willing to do all that "burning in".

Our trip to Paducah was great. What a wonderful idea their artist relocation plan. Not many properties still available but I can't wait to go back and see the progress. Met artist and gallery owner Char Downs there and visited the Mark Palmer Gallery...outstanding. So much abstract art in the heart of Kentucky. Who knew? With so short a vacation there was no time to explore everything. We'll be back.