Monday, February 26, 2007

It Won't Work

What, I forgot how to log in! Don't tell me I'm not keeping up with my wish to blog. Alas. I have been brush to canvas for several weeks now. Starting and starting a painting which will never work. I can't make it work. I cannot direct the art I have to let go and let it come. Oh brother. So I have put it away and have begun again on an image that will work, I'm sure it will?

I am enjoying the oil paint again and am ready to start on new encaustics. Everyday I think the commission is finished and it will be possible to get to the lovely wax. Well, maybe tomorrow is the day.

I heard a great lecture (courtesy of Netflix) on Louise Bourgeois. How wonderful that she has created a sculpture that will celebrate the lives of those who were lost in the tsunami. I would very much like to see it in person.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Where are the hues?

Why is it that spontaneous color is so hard to come by. I've been working in oil for the past three weeks and for some reason the colors will not come. They're not singing to me. I teach private students and I'm always on their backs to loosen up, let the color and images come to them. Don't try to push it. Well, guess what? I'm pushing, pulling, almost no hair left on my head and all I see before me is mush, not mud, mush. Letting go has to be the hardest thing an artist must do to create. Part of the problem has been commissions...I love doing them but they can stop me being me at some point and trying to find me again takes some time.

The painting here is what I consider my only success lately. But it didn't come easily. The failures are lining up now and I'm quickly removing them from my studio. Sure, I know that learning from failures is how you find success but it feels terrible sometimes.