Friday, November 17, 2006

Not So Easy

I thought this was going to be so easy. But to write every day and keep up with the studio deadlines, well it's not going to happen. I have been hard at work on my new encaustic series. Each one is more interesting to me than the last and now I see they are adding up to a series that will be autobiographical. Who knew? What I find most fascinating is that the technique of Encaustic is so demanding. Fuse every layer, use the right pigment over another because one melts faster or slower than the other, keep those layers coming because the more the better.

I have spent some time looking at other encaustic painters and find that abstract rules though you can certainly do work that is realistic in nature. The medium itself almost demands that abstract concepts take over and direct for me. Just my style. Abstract images are what I understand. Now why is that?At a meeting of Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia this past week that was the question, why does one artist express herself with abstract images and another has no idea how to accomplish that kind of image and many don't care to. No one really has the answer. All I know is that's what I see!