Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 2012

"Deep Memory"     24 x 30 inches    Encaustic/silk photo/paper
"Strolling Deeper"      24 x 30 inches     Encasutic/silk/paper

"To Float A Little"      24 x 30 inches      Encaustic/silk/paper
The new year has brought such promise. With my solo exhibit behind me, I'm back in the studio ready to work again. I started with three paintings that satisfy me on a deeper level than expected. The work is less abstract than when I last worked but the work seems to be for me transition images. Inspiration comes from many sources but I often find mine from reading Mary Oliver poetry. Along with poetry from many sources is the music of Zoe Keating. "Into the Trees" plays constantly as I dream and draw. I hope she records more music as I now own everything available.