Monday, April 18, 2011


It is now time to reflect on the past three weeks. Two of those weeks were spent at a Hambidge residency. This was a remarkable experience that allowed me to work in complete solitude and rediscover myself as an artist. There are many circumstances over the past five years that came between me and my art self and those issues were part of living and were unavoidable but I didn't realize until I had so many hours to draw, meditate, journal and read what cost was necessary to perform the tasks that were required of me.

So here I am happy as can be ready to start a new era in my artwork. Returning to "normal" life is not so easy but the transition is working itself out now. I have incorporated many lessons I learned during the residency to my own studio and my own practice here in the studio. I will continue to assess the rewards received in the coming months.

Above is a drawings 30 x 110 inches titled "Sequence", part of my drawing experience.