Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer and Encaustic

Ah summer. There is no easy way to explain the heat generated by all the various heating implements used when painting with encaustic. Suffice it to say, it gets hot in the studio. The answer of course is start early and leave early; my new motto as I paint for my upcoming solo exhibit. Have to keep working or I'll never make the August deadline.

Work is going well. I will never understand why my most creative, productive time occurs in the summer. I don't like the heat and the light is so harsh. Not much to recommend the summer in the South in my book. But I look at it this way. During the cool of the winter I gather ideas, photos, drawings and boom when it gets hot the ideas flow into the paintings. Sounds like a simple answer to me.

The new work is exciting to me. And here is a photo of one of the new paintings in the series.