Wednesday, February 09, 2011

dk Gallery Romance of the Figure Exhibit

This past weekend the "Romance of the Figure and Nude" Exhibit opened, to a crowd I might add. It was horrible weather but nothing stops the dk Gallery collectors and admirers from attending an opening night. New artists were introduced and I loved having my new figure encaustics included in the exhibit. Check out the Marietta Patch for an article "Marietta Square Art Gallery Boon to Local Artists" about the gallery and about me too. Deronte Smith wrote the piece. Though note that my husband's name is Lyn, Charlie is my stepson...both are musicians however. Stop by the gallery while this show is up. Good show.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Griffith Gallery: The Best

Important information I heard straight from Griffith Art Gallery today about how the painting in the Christmas book occured. Rick and Dave Griffith work with Southern Living magazine often and it was their choice to bring the painting to the attention of the staff for the photo shoot. They carefully wrapped the painting for its journey to the photo shoot and made sure that it was then returned to the gallery in good shape. I would never worry about any painting that was transported with their care.

I am one lucky artist to have the professional support of Griffith Art Gallery. For so many years now I can count on their creative efforts to sell my work. And I can just plain count on them...and their wonderful sense of humor that keeps me smiling while I work.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Booth Museum

On Tuesday I took a trip to Cartersville, Georgia, not far from my studio in Marietta. It was my first visit to the Booth Museum. It's a very interesting museum filled with Western art and artifacts. The building itself is striking and the interior is modern and well appointed. One of the chief reasons for the visit was the Ansel Adams photography exhibit. I truly spent almost two hours looking and just taking in the beauty of so many black & white photographs made by the master himself. I think the last time I saw so many of his photographs was on a visit to Carmel before he died. It was also confirmed that AA dried his test strips in a microwave...I saw him do it in the video presentation.

It's hard to explain just how much I am in awe of those stunning photos. One reason of course is that I learned his method of making photographs and processing the film at the Southeastern Center for the Photographic Arts in Atlanta (Neil Chaput et al). My fondest memory of that time was spent in Brevard, North Carolina learning to use a 4 x 5 camera in the rain, hauling my big camera and Majestic tripod around and having Buck Mills as my mentor...I was his only student for the workshop, lucky me.

I do miss the darkroom, the beautiful B&W papers, even the chemicals. There is certainly nothing like that experience now with digital photography even though I enjoy it for its ease of use.

My second reason for visiting the Booth was my presentation and demonstration to the Booth Museum Artists Guild. It was a very positive experience as the group was a good size for a more relaxed discussion and lots of questions and answers.

I must go back for another visit when I can go earlier and stay in the galleries longer. I only scratched the surface.