Friday, July 29, 2011

Disparate Thoughts

When I came into the studio this morning I had many thoughts rumbling in my brain. One of course as the result of seeing the three new paintings waiting completion. It all has to do with color. Color is very significant right now. Too much makes me crazy and not enough doesn't seem to work. So how much is enough? It's alarms me to see anything too "colorful" as that does not work in my eye with the story that I am telling. The line is everything right now; it's fast, confidant, moving. Yet there is the blue, yellow staring at me, taunting me. I am trying to let go but that's the hard part.

Then there is the music and the words. Music was so important to this series of paintings. It set the tone for the swiftness of drawing and painting leaving little time for reflection until it was too late and the India ink was dry and permanent. I can hear the music even when it's not playing carrying around like a third hand.

"Now I Become Myself" a poem written by May Sarton and one that tells the tale since the spring this year. "Now I become myself.....Now to stand still, to be here, feel my own weight and density." I am glad that there are those who are so articulate. They can speak for me in words since I have only images.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Challenge

As I count down to my exhibit at Georgia Perimeter College, I've slowed down today to take stock of the images I've created. I have another three paintings started and can't wait to start but have to wait for gesso to dry before I add the next layers. While contemplating these paintings I realize what a journey it has been since I started in the spring. To put together a themed exhibit is a challenge and what happened as I started surprised me.
The work that I thought I was continuing did not continue and something new and miraculous happened. An entirely new series emerged. Now that would be great except for the fact that the previous series has images that are not entirely related or not related in the way that I would like. So what happens, I have to created more paintings than I thought I would.
Now part of that equation is that I love the new images so much that I want to continue with this theme. They are just the right amount of abstraction married to the decipherable to make me excited with the process. Though I titled my show "Shifting Landscapes", I could have easily titled it "Memory Trance" for that what if feels like to make these paintings.
The image pictured here is "Simultaneity" which sums up the series very well. A large painting 30 x 72 inches. More new work on my website .

Monday, July 11, 2011

Going Solo

Too long since I last posted but hey I've been busy. Working in the studio is not easy right now as everyone must know our weather here in the south is ghastly. I say that and truly this year I have just accepted the fact that it is hot and will be hot till sometime in the fall. I have been not comfortable but at least keeping myself in the moment of painting with the goal of finishing the paintings for my solo show at Georgia Perimeter College (Clarkston campus) in the Fine Art Building. The show officially opens on August 15th with the reception set on August 31st.
"Shifting Landscapes" is my chosen title with the inspiration coming from three sources: my Hambidge Residency, the music of John Adams and Lucas Samaras, and the poetry of Mary Oliver. What a line up! The series took on a life of its own when I completed fifteen large drawings that I found compelling. The series then began a quest to transfer the essence of those drawings to encaustic. The trip to encaustic was not a trip that I could have predicted and has led to a series of unexpected images that I'm not sure I totally understand yet. The pure abstraction that I am seeking is only partly realized. The more non-objective they become the happier and more questioning I become. There is no doubt that I am reaching for a deeper understanding of what this painting life is all about.