Sunday, January 04, 2009


Yesterday I left for the studio on a beautiful morning. It was so foggy. I loved the feel of all that water in the air. Even the sound was deadened as it is when it snows. Since snow is rarely a possiblity here then fog will have to do creating that amazing quiet. Of course it was very early when I left and I have to admit I love the very early morning. I'm still getting acquainted with my camera but I did take several shots that I like.

Today I'm finally working on new paintings for the Spotlight exhibit. I've done this show for so many years, but who's counting. The venue has gotten very crowded now but it's for a good cause and I make money too. It will be interesting to see what's on tap for this year.

The dk Gallery exhibit opens on Friday evening. I already delivered my paintings, all oil this time and all in the series of soft geometrics (with bold color) that I have painted since '01. It will always be my favorite series. I'm attempting to carry them into encaustic. We'll see if that works. They will of course be different in feel because the oils have very energetic brushwork. Maybe it's a different series.