Friday, December 19, 2008


I can't believe this week. Painting in oil again was tremendous fun, a break from fusing. I needed a break. But what happened is astounding to me. The Fauves came to see me. All of the sudden my paintings were being painted with pure color right from the tube. Now I grant you the underpaintings were not pure hues.
How did this happen? I had been working on some pretty stunning color in encaustic but I don't remember in the last five years having the "wild beast" come to visit. Am I pleased? You bet. The paintings startle me when I look at them; But, I'm growing accustom to the look and it's growing on me.

I have been working on paintings for dk Gallery since they will be featured in January but I really had no idea that my color box would spill all these great hues: reds, oranges and OMG even a violet fell on my paintings. It's hard to paint small abstracts...for me it's hard, but I actually like these.

Well they are too wet to photograph so I'll post the results in a day or two. On the other hand I do have one ready so here goes.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Drayton Tower

I just returned from Savannah, Georgia and more specifically from the Beach...Tybee Island. It is a special place because it really never changes except perhaps for the demise of a fabulous diner. Wow I miss that diner. I spent many a meal enjoying great food right near the beach. The only catch this year was the fact that there was no beach access since they were working on reclaiming the beach. I could not believe there was so little beach left. Of course they were working 24/7 so there was that beep beep noise all the time. No matter, I loved being near the water. Amazing how they have been able to skip development. Tybee remains shall I say remains primitive, pristine, I'm not sure how to describe a place that from year to year looks the same with no chain stores. Just imagine. Well there is one change and that is development of an area that has made no beach access a fact with condos galore.

Ah yes. I lived in Savannah until I moved to New Jersey. That was a big change believe me and though I liked Jersey very much I always feel that I am going home when I drive Victory Drive.
This trip I found out that I lived in a landmark while in Savannah. The Drayton Arms, now called the Drayton Tower was the first fully air-conditioned building in Georgia. OMG! The building is one of the earliest examples of the International Style. What I remember are the windows and the very minimalist feel to the little efficiency apartment with my reproduction of Picasso's "Three Musicians" on the wall and a little comfortable day bed.

When I wasn't on the beach I was in Bonaventure Cemetery taking photos , 300 of them. Love those big flash cards and digital cameras. I'm not ready yet but soon I'll be continuing my series on trees in encaustic. I'm savoring the photos right now.