Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hello Out There

I have been at it again. Working 18 hour days to get ready for upcoming exhibits and painting new work needed for my favorite galleries. Though I must admit that some of those hours are spent staring at blank canvases and waiting for lightning to strike, so to speak. The work was going so slowly I was beginning to think I was going to be in big trouble. Then it happened. Out of the blue come images and colors that started singing to me, yes singing! I finished a number of encaustics, very pleased with those and oil paintings too. My model was unavailable last week so I had to focus, luckily, on the abstract work I have a little over three weeks left before the deadlines. Fifteen paintings in all, would you believe it. It's freezing outside here. Maybe that's the reason why I recovered from what was becoming a serious case of "spring fever". The painting to the left is "Calypso", my favorite so far.