Saturday, January 20, 2007

Catch Up Time

I know it's past time to catch up with myself. The winter is a very busy time this year, new galleries, new work. Soon, soon I'll have time to start some new encaustics as I've been working in oil for a show. I viewed some encaustics at a prestigious gallery yesterday and was amazed at how much wax I estimated to have been used in the production of some very large pieces. All that "burning in" boggles my mind. I worked on a couple of large pieces several years ago. They were very long and very narrow and took forever to complete. Totally worth it but I think I'll stick to working in series in the smaller format. I love the idea of experimenting and feel so much freer to do so on a smaller scale. The big ones till come eventually because I can not stop them.

The encaustic above is more whimsical than many of the others I've been working on and I like it.