Thursday, September 04, 2008

Arabian Mountain

After posting on my website a photo of an encaustic painting I have just finished, I decided I wanted to write about the image because it interests me. The original photo was taken with my view camera on an old majestic tripod atop Arabian Mountain. For those who are not familiar it is a foothill of Stone Mountain in Georgia. I don't remember exactly how I found out about the spot but in any event the story was that the KKK had meetings there at one time. I honestly do not know if that is true but the day I climbed with my heavy load of equipment it was deserted. Not a soul anywhere. Truly it was a an eerie experience as the photos I took still make me wonder. At some time I think I'll revisit them all, the prints that is. One photo of a fissure in the stone looks like an open grave. I know this sounds creepy perhaps but I found myself wondering as I reinvented the original photograph in encaustic and silk why this pics still fascinate me.