Monday, February 25, 2008


After finishing work for a show on which I have been working for a few months, I find myself coasting. It takes a while to get back up and running with new work. I'm ready, in my head, to begin new encaustic paintings, this time large ones, but some part of me is not quite ready for the execution of the artwork. I wander around cleaning my studio, looking at my paints, cleaning brushes, really the list is endless. In fact I remember hearing Louise Bourgeoise say that she "cleans, cleans, cleans" and then starts to work.

Each task has an important purpose in the process as I ease my way back. In the interim I am of course coaching my students and right now their work I find fascinating as everyone is proceding on a different path everything from wall sculpture to large figure paintings. The coaching, though draining at times, is such an excellent way to stay connected.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Good News

I had a dream that my frames were delivered and my dream came true on Saturday morning...There they were sitting outside the studio door. Wow dreams come true? The paintings were delivered and now I can resume work on my commissions.

This day foretells spring. I see daffodils about to bloom and the trees that always bloom early are doing so again. I haven't decided my favorite time of the year but I do enjoy spring especially the beautiful greens I have a chance to see again. I forget those greens for a while.

There are two large panels ready for encaustic. I am so ready but they will have to wait. The anticipation is fabulous. Tonight my plan is to finish the oil paintings and to be free once more to begin heating that wax. I have a new hue, aqua blue, ready for a spin.

Friday, February 15, 2008


It finally happened. After all these years delivering work to exhibits on time exactly the way I planned, my frames did not arrive today. That means that I will have to deliver my encaustic paintings sans their lovely floater frames. Allright I can live with this after spending months perfecting each painting and looking forward to a great presentation. At least they are cradled and I've painting the edges. Alas, I'm trying to remain calm.

For the good news. One of my paintings (above) will be in the Georgia Tech Ferst Gallery exhibit coming in March as part of the Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia's regional juried show "Earth a Microcosm". I think I better start preparing this painting tonight for delivery. Who knows what schedule buster lurks out there.
Tonight I cry in my beer, tomorrow I deliver paintings!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


I conducted an encaustic workshop today and I had a great time. To introduce the process to artists is exciting. Since it's versatile, unmanageable, flexible, unpredictable, shall I go on, there is always amazement at just how interesting an image is possible with a little patience. The group was small and since this was the first experience for most I was amazed at the quick progress some made producing really outstanding paintings for their first try. And of course I had the chance to see the progress over the days time and the finished product. I'm nuts however, I didn't take any photos. Next time. The enthusiasm for another workshop will make it certain that I'll do another one. All in all a good day. Sharing with other artists, I love it!

Tomorrow I'm off to commission land. It's the land of great promise and trepidation. Monday is a full teaching day so tomorrow and Tuesday will be put my nose to canvas (oil paintings are on tap).

Monday, February 04, 2008


Why are some days quieter than others? This morning I walked to the mailbox and noticed so many beautiful sounds. This is the quietest place I've ever lived. I could hear a gray squirrel running up the tree from down the street, just the scratching sound was a minor interruption. There was a gentle breeze and I could hear the birds bustling about their business of the morning. I followed up my quiet morning by staying in that inner peaceful state to finish my "beeswaxing". If I could maintain this state of mind I would be very thankful.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I was in the cemetery today. Why, I might ask? Because the most interesting trees are to be found there. Two trees I found today were outstanding. There is no way to describe these trees other than perhaps the obvious; they are old and very big. The tree trunks hold so much mystery. When I began this tree search I thought it was for the purpose of painting subject matter. Now I think quite clearly it may be the photographs themselves because they say so much to me. I'm enraptured. More adventures to come.
Right now I won't try to analyze what this venture is about, I only know there is an emotional connection that is going on here and I'll follow it to the conclusion whatever that it to be.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cooling at the End of the Day

This has been a long productive day. I had a student this morning and we worked in clay. It was a very good way to start a day since just working with clay is very meditative. The rest of the day has been one of "burning in" beeswax on two large canvas panels that will become encaustic paintings. I am savoring the start of these paintings as I let myself enjoy the process though believe me holding a heat gun for several hours will give your arms and wrists a workout. Since I've begun lifiting weights again the process gets easier each time and I recommend it.
I must admit I am thinking of some kind of apparatus to which I can attach a heat gun to make this job easier when I am doing a very large work. I'm not sure that it is even possible. At one time I had a black light exposure unit that I made for alternative photo printing so perhaps that design with heat lamps might have possible use in this situation. Or maybe I'll just suck it up and do the work as I've been doing it. My mind always races to think of a new inventive way to do the work.

Ah, the photo. This photo cools me, since that's what I need right now. I photographed the beach in Savannah right after Thanksgiving and let me tell you it was COLD.