Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Tribute to Bootsie

Yesterday was a sad day. We lost Bootsie. She had been with me for over thirteen years. A rescue cat she was already six months old when we got her from the Humane Society. They had rescued her from a dumpster. From the very beginning she was a great studio companion and only once did she jump up in the paint. She seemed to know what was out-of-bounds from the very beginning.

Every week she came into the studio when my model arrived for a session and usually ended up on the model stand asleep. She liked Laura. She is the invisible presence in all the drawings and paintings I did in those sessions. I will miss her.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

ARC Open House

Last evening was the opening reception for studio tours at the Artisan Resource Center where I have my studio. I've had a studio at the Center for so many years; I'm not counting anymore. There are 23 studios and they vary from fine art to film production. The energy at ARC is always positive and there are many collaborations that go on all the time. A huge building, I always feel as if the studio is my private retreat.

This year Kennesaw University art students have a juried painting exhibition in the halls and I didn't count, but there are so many interesting works to see. Since we have very wide long hallways there is plenty of room to see the art and enjoy. I like seeing art in the halls.

Last evening we had a steady flow of visitors stroll thru my studio and I am always amazed at the interest and questions I get. I have a chance to talk to people in depth about the work I'm doing and many times they "get it". I can't count the number of people who connected with the abstract landscapes I'm working on now. Since I'm so sequestered most of the time (except at exhibits of course) I rarely have the opportunity to go into depth about what  I am doing. I find  I love talking to people at these events and yet all week while I'm in my studio working I do not like talking. Music on and I'm working.

My work is going well and I'll be posting more info about my solo exhibit at dk Gallery which is scheduled to open on January 6, 2012. I have three more large paintings to finish over this holiday month. The hardest time of the year to work yet the work is so compelling to me it should be no problem to finish the last paintings I want to show.