Monday, October 30, 2006

Three Days

I just spent three days in the studio. I mean that I did not leave the studio for three days, the only way to continue making progress on my new paintings. Before sequestering myself I did bake some zucchini brownies for sustenance, oh so good. Success! Two more paintings finished and ready to post to my website. The painting to the left is one of the new paintings. should launch in a couple of days and I am glad that I decided to join their stable of artists. I like viewing the art there especially the sculpture. What great photography too. This is the first time I've joined an online gallery. Always been a bit wary but not this time.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I started the day as I usually do reading Charles DeRamus' blog from Sweden, Where's America. He always makes me laugh and that starts the morning right.

Then, I finished a painting I had been working on for several months. Why do some paintings take longer than others to come to completion. I haven't found a way to speed the process up. My wait and watch , sit and stare is about the best technique I've found. Somewhere, I heard that Mozart had someone read to him while he composed in order that he might be distracted. I haven't tried that but I do rely on music. Listening to Natacha Atlas works well as I have no idea what she's saying but the rhythm keeps the paint flowing.

Maybe the "little painting" break I've been taking every day is helping the process. At any rate, it feels good to look at all that red and say I'm finished. I even put it up on my website. That to me indicates I really believe it's done.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I woke up this morning to a cancelled appointment and therefore an opportunity to finally open a storefront. After seeing and reading about artists who have been creating "a painting a day" I was intriqued with the idea especially when my format has always been large--well not mural sized--but big enough. The very idea of taking brushes to a 4 x 6 inch canvas was daunting at first. Now I'm hooked. They are my obsession and they are all over my studio thus the need for a storefront.

Every morning has become an adventure tackling the small world before taking on the big canvas staring at me for attention. A big "thank you" to Duane Keiser for reviving me!