Saturday, September 24, 2011

Southern Living

Just got the copy of the new book "2011 Christmas with Southern Living". Aha, my painting is featured above the mantle on pages 64 and 65. They did a great job incorporating the painting with the decor. My three dancers became angels. I like that.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Shifting Landscapes Exhibit

The reception at Georgia Perimeter College was just perfect. The work was installed beautifully and well lit. Thanks again to Don Dougan, the gallery director. I truly appreciated the lighting since encaustic paintings must have the right lighting much like glazed oil paintings...well that's certainly true of any artwork. My good friend Jim Gibson took some photos and video and I haven't seen those yet but thanks to Angie Dachs, I'm posting a few photos to to give a flavor of a stellar evening. Fun for me was the fact that one of my good friends from high school along with her husband made it to the show as well as two of my friends from college. So great that they made the trip to Atlanta to see this exhibit. So many of my colleagues from the Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia also attended; they are so supportive. Old friends, new friends, I am so lucky.

I had the opportunity to speak about the exhibit to one of the 2-D classes at GPC and found it rewarding to discuss the work with them as well as everyone there. Although I do like for the work to speak for itself I appreciate the opportunity to elaborate on the process of art making and particularly what precipitated this series of paintings and how I see myself going forward.

Ah going forward....I'm taking the weekend off to the spend with friends and will be ready next week to continue this series with renewed energy.