Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Sound of Paper

Last night I started reading Julia Cameron's book "The Sound of Paper". I may have owned one of her other books, "The Artist's Way", but never really got involved in it. This book is written so beautifully that just reading it fires off my creative spirit. I just love reading it if only for the way she writes. I found this copy in a used bookstore when in Savannah before Christmas and I guess I was waiting until I finished Kirk Varnedoe's book, "Pictures of Nothing" a fascinating lovely I could not make my usual notes in it..maybe sometime to go back and mark my favorite passages.
Reading for me is a catalyst. I don't know why but the better written the book the more dreaming and the more ideas start to hatch maybe even more than when journaling or drawing in my sketchbook. Paper itself is interesting. I buy paper long before I know what I'll do with it. The photo is of a monotype that I completed a while ago called "Existences". Great paper.

Julia's idea of writing three pages of longhand every morning may never catch on with me but her superb writing will assist me on this creative journey.

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