Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Friends

I had lunch with old friend today. I had not seen Brenda ( in at least five years; a lot to catch up in a short time. She truly is one of the most creative and generous artists I've ever known; ready to assist another artist anyway she can. Generosity is scarce these days midst the competiveness that accompanies "trying to get ahead". I enjoyed talking with her and finding out about the many design projects she's working on. She is so passionate about what she does. I love it.
Tonight I'm back to work on the encaustics I'm creating for the Trinity School Show. Oh my, I've done this show a least six years maybe more since I'm not counting, don't have time to. I look forward to the show this year because I like the work I'm exhibiting better than anything I've done before. It will be interesting to see if my audience is as please as I am.
Hurrah, my page is updated on the CLARA database on the National Museum for Women in the Arts website with photos of my new encaustics and info about me. That was fast as I sent the CD and info only last week. Thanks to Emily Frum for the quick posting.

O.K., I'm not painting so it's high time I start but following Brenda's lead I'll be posting here more often. She has good advice.


Little House Art Studios said...

How did you get included in the National Museum for Women in the Arts? Where you recommended or did you send in a request? :)
Congrats on your page!!

Also, it is great to have friends like Brenda. I believe we should all help each other to succeed and I make it a practice to help out other artists if I can. It is good Karma.;)

susan sorrell

Helen DeRamus said...

Hi Susan, the database inclusion was the result of applying after my first solo show. From what I understand they are not accepting artists right now till they get their database off the ground. Great museum and you should check out the database application process. Blog on!