Saturday, January 19, 2008


I'm in my studio not working because I am enjoying the snow falling outside my windows. Today I have too many windows (and a glass door to the deck) so that my attention is on the beautiful wonderland of white and not on the work that is before me today. Living in New Jersey for so many years I really was blase about snow but being back in the south for a time now, snow is welcome again. There is a visitor on the deck, not my cat, but a cat that has taken up residence under cover of the gazebo. In fact this great orange cat has been sleeping on my chair for the past few days, have no idea where he's from.


Little House Art Studios said...

Hey Helen,
I just happened along on your blog and wanted to say hello. I am an artist living in Greenville, SC and I am sitting here working on some fiber art watching the SNOW!!! Love it. ;)

Love your work! Keep up that creative flow!
susan sorrell

Helen DeRamus said...

Amazing isn't it that we can connect. The snow is long gone here, I'm glad I got some photos. Fun to work yesterday though. Like your creative and your work too! In fact it reminds me of some of Brenda's paintings.

Stay is VERY cold here.