Sunday, November 22, 2009

Open House

This weekend was "Open House" at the Artisan Resource Center where I have my studio. Really love my studio, by the way. So many people came through and I had the chance to talk about the encaustic work I am doing now, do a little demonstrating, and meet such great people.

Friday night was the first anniversary celebration at dk Gallery. So many of the artists represented were there and I continue to be impressed with owner, Donna Krueger, who cares about her artists. She is really an amazing person and I'm lucky to know her. I also admire the artists' works that are in the gallery and enjoy just going in to be inspired. The gallery has changed the landscape of the Marietta Square.

I now look forward to a trip to Savannah to not only have a few days of r&r but also time to take photographs. There hasn't been much time lately. Spending time in Bonaventure Cemetery will be wonderful this time of year. So many old trees. Just being in Savannah is like going home in a way. Living there for a while was such a pleasure...though I don't miss the heat and humidity of the summer.
The image above doesn't really have anything to do with this post. Just an image of a recently completed oil painting that I like.

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