Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hot Wax in the Studio

I've started new paintings. Since I spent the summer preparing for an exhibit at the Walker School, a private school in Marietta, Georgia, I have had my usual interim period of cleaning up and waiting to start again. It wasn't really a down time since I had an oil commission painting to work on and two other large oil paintings to finish for the Tannery Row "Big 2" exhibit coming up in a couple of weeks. It has become relaxing to paint with oil, somehow so much easier than encaustic. The encaustic method has greatly influenced my oil painting I think mainly looking at color in a new way. Not sure how that works yet but I'm thinking about it. No matter how often I return to oil it does not satisfy me in the same way as the encaustic painting.

This week I did three demos and had a great time. I love the excitement generated by the contemporary form of the ancient painting technique. Now over time I've become very comfortable talking and painting. I remember the first time I did a demo many years ago at Sam Flax and had a very hard time talking to people and painting.

Looking forward to seeing Jack Kehoe's sculpture at dk Gallery at the end of the week. His marble sculpture is so beautiful.

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