Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Work

I took the weekend off not because I wanted to but because the floor in the center was being painted. I know I'll be glad since it will look great for open house but I must admit to having serious withdrawal problems. Since I moved in in May I haven't missed more than a day of work. The weekend did give me a chance to do some much needed homework. Though my husband is a champ when it comes to taking care of the homestead, he needed a break I'm sure. I had planned to cook and freeze for the week that didn't happen. Maybe another weekend it will happen. It's fun to cook when the weather is so cool and pleasant. Soups and stews taste so excellent this time of the year.

I did finish a couple of oil paintings and pictured is one of them. It was fun...and so easy. It was really enjoyable to break out the oil paint. Love that fabulous linseed oil aroma. When I walked into the studio the other day it really made me remember the first time I walked into a working studio...I knew I loved oil, there is no substitute even though my work in encaustic has overtaken me now.

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