Monday, February 25, 2008


After finishing work for a show on which I have been working for a few months, I find myself coasting. It takes a while to get back up and running with new work. I'm ready, in my head, to begin new encaustic paintings, this time large ones, but some part of me is not quite ready for the execution of the artwork. I wander around cleaning my studio, looking at my paints, cleaning brushes, really the list is endless. In fact I remember hearing Louise Bourgeoise say that she "cleans, cleans, cleans" and then starts to work.

Each task has an important purpose in the process as I ease my way back. In the interim I am of course coaching my students and right now their work I find fascinating as everyone is proceding on a different path everything from wall sculpture to large figure paintings. The coaching, though draining at times, is such an excellent way to stay connected.

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