Saturday, March 08, 2008

Earth: A Microcosm

The opening last night was sucessful. Thanks to the WCAGA group who hung the show! They were meticulous lighting the artwork and hanging the work to its best advantage. And as you can see by the photo, I had rather a good time myself. This group of women (and man as we have a male artist who joined recently) is a positive force. I'm energized each time I interact with the programming and exhibits sponsored by the Caucus.

Tomorrow's panel discussion of art and the environment will be interesting as I come from environmentally conscious stock. My father designed a system for heating and cooling his house with both solar and wind power. He was a remarkable man. His genius made him a bit strange but his creativity and good heart was unmistable. I loved his vitality and have always thought how lucky I am to have inherited his love of music, art, good can it get.
Thanks to Flora Rosefsky for the photo. She's a marvelous artist whose exhibit at the Temple Gallery in Decatur, Georgia will open in a little over a month. Congratulations Flora.

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