Saturday, February 09, 2008


I conducted an encaustic workshop today and I had a great time. To introduce the process to artists is exciting. Since it's versatile, unmanageable, flexible, unpredictable, shall I go on, there is always amazement at just how interesting an image is possible with a little patience. The group was small and since this was the first experience for most I was amazed at the quick progress some made producing really outstanding paintings for their first try. And of course I had the chance to see the progress over the days time and the finished product. I'm nuts however, I didn't take any photos. Next time. The enthusiasm for another workshop will make it certain that I'll do another one. All in all a good day. Sharing with other artists, I love it!

Tomorrow I'm off to commission land. It's the land of great promise and trepidation. Monday is a full teaching day so tomorrow and Tuesday will be put my nose to canvas (oil paintings are on tap).

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Lynda Cole said...

Hi Helen, I'm having a little trouble emailing you. Your email is blocking me because it thinks I'm spamming you. I'm told the fault is on my end so will sort it out.