Saturday, September 24, 2011

Southern Living

Just got the copy of the new book "2011 Christmas with Southern Living". Aha, my painting is featured above the mantle on pages 64 and 65. They did a great job incorporating the painting with the decor. My three dancers became angels. I like that.


Lina Fletcher said...

I just love this beautiful and peaceful. It is what prompted me to find the artist. Are any of your works in print form?

Helen DeRamus said...

Hi Lina, thanks! Glad you like this painting. I have not had prints made mainly because it is the very definite texture that makes this series of paintings work and that texture really gets lost as a print. I won't say never. But right now that's the case.

Lina Fletcher said...

Helen, thank you for your response. You do beautiful work and I can understand the whole print thing...if you ever go to prints....I would love to know. Blessings to you.