Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to the Drawing Board

More appropriately I should say back to the drawing wall. There is no doubt that the "after the exhibit blues" is a reality. Because the "Shifting Landscapes" reception will not be until August 31, the malaise has set in and will reverse at an unknown time. I would love to know how many other artists have the same letdown. I know it's coming, I prepare, I acknowledge....nothing derails its little insidious onset. Happens every time. I wander around aimlessly for days or weeks at a time. I don't think of it as an "artist block" because I do continue to work in some capacity.

So what to do.
1. write in my journal
2. look at sketchbooks, oh let's go way back, years
3. read fiction, nonfiction, art books whatever
4. draw on the wall

The most effective of these diversions is drawing. It is a powerful way to work my way back to painting and there are many drawings I will like enough to show them. Most images will never see the outside of the studio. It can get a little dark in the studio at times like this.

Time to chase the critics, most of whom are residing in my head. Eventually they will all be asked to leave in an orderly fashion. Let the mayhem begin.

The drawing is "All the Little Creatures". I know them all.


Linda McMullan said...

I LOVE that drawing! Love the strokes, the colors, and the graphic evidence of the new plane that you are on now. Good heavens! Not to worry. Just draw. That is the BEST way to adjust to post-opening blues and your new self.

Helen DeRamus said...

Thanks again Linda.If I didn't say it before I appreciate your feedback so much. I'm flyng blind right now.