Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Challenge

As I count down to my exhibit at Georgia Perimeter College, I've slowed down today to take stock of the images I've created. I have another three paintings started and can't wait to start but have to wait for gesso to dry before I add the next layers. While contemplating these paintings I realize what a journey it has been since I started in the spring. To put together a themed exhibit is a challenge and what happened as I started surprised me.
The work that I thought I was continuing did not continue and something new and miraculous happened. An entirely new series emerged. Now that would be great except for the fact that the previous series has images that are not entirely related or not related in the way that I would like. So what happens, I have to created more paintings than I thought I would.
Now part of that equation is that I love the new images so much that I want to continue with this theme. They are just the right amount of abstraction married to the decipherable to make me excited with the process. Though I titled my show "Shifting Landscapes", I could have easily titled it "Memory Trance" for that what if feels like to make these paintings.
The image pictured here is "Simultaneity" which sums up the series very well. A large painting 30 x 72 inches. More new work on my website .


Linda McMullan said...

Your new work gives me chills. Now there is barely contained power - a force that is primal and raw; elevated to a plane that few people get to. Don't stop; don't go back. Ride it. Paint like hell. Ditch everything else, and just ride. Fabulous.

Helen DeRamus said...

Linda, thanks so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it coming from you. I am so excited about this series and so deeply engaged. You can bet it will continue and I am painting like hell and riding it for all its worth.